Lingyuan Shengxiang Bentonite Co.,Ltd

Company Profile Lingyuan Shengxiang Bentonite Co.,Ltd Lingyuan Shengxiang Bentonite Co.,Ltd has been mining, processing, packing and exporting our Lingyuan and Ledor bentonite cat litter for more than 10 years to over 50 countries worldwide.

Hot Products

    • No Odor Cat Litter

      No Odor Cat Litter

      Cat litter is the most popular and common pet clean product with good clumping and absorption abilities. It clumps instantly in contact with liquid and forms clumps which are easy to scoop away using plastic or stainless steel scoop and maintain cat litter box cleaniless daily.

    • Biodegradable Bentonite Kitty Litter

      Biodegradable Bentonite Kitty Litter

      cat litter is used by owners to bury their excrement and urine, and has good water absorbency. It is usually used in conjunction with a litter box (or cat litter box) Within a litter box, a trained cat enters the litter box to excrete it when it needs to be excreted