Lingyuan Shengxiang Bentonite Co.,Ltd has been mining, processing, packing and exporting our Lingyuan and Ledor bentonite cat litter for more than 10 years to over 50 countries worldwide. Within 14 years we grew up in not only a leading cat litter manufacturer in China, but also a leader in South East Asia and Middle East markets for cat litter products, expanding rapidly to European and South American markets as well.

The following is our history of development:

-   In 2003: The factory was established and began to develop cat litter products.

-   From 2004 to 2008: Our products are highly valued in industry. 

                                        And we got more and more orders from then on.

-   From 2009-2012: Our products were sold overseas. 

                                    We became an eligible export company. 

                                     And get the  recognition from foreign customers.

-  From 2013-2018: We are becoming more and more competitive in overseas markets.

                                   Many foreign customers come China and visit our factory.

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