Innovative Cat Non-toxic Litter Pet Product

Innovative Cat Non-toxic Litter Pet Product

All the materials is 100% natural. The product is non-toxic.You can use the cat litter without worry. And we can provide the free sample. You can test if you are intrested in our cat litter.

Product Details

Product Introduction

NATURAL AND NON-TOXIC | We're committed to making sure that all of our products are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and recyclable, so Green and Clean is as easy on the environment as it is easy to use. Our unique Advanced Eliminator3 Formula(TM) doesn't just cover up the scent – it deep cleans and removes stains, naturally!

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE | Clean+Green’s unique 3-stage process is a proven winner! Step 1: spray on to the litter tray. Step 2: it encapsulates the source of the odor. Step 3: odor and odor source disappear as the product biodegrades naturally.