100% Pure Bentonite Cat Litter Without Filler

100% Pure Bentonite Cat Litter Without Filler

The bentonite cat litter produced by Ledor has low price, good agglomeration, strong water absorption and strong masking effect. It is a kind of 100% pure bentonite cat litter without filler. The cat litter we produce has strong coagulation power, good water absorption, strong odor resistance and low dust content. Ledor bentonite cat litter is your best choice.

Product Details

Product introduction

The bentonite cat litter produced by Ledor has a particle diameter of about 2-3mm, but if you have other requirements, we can also make it according to the customer's requirements. The main ingredient of our cat litter is 100% pure bentonite, which is not added. The color of bentonite cat litter is divided into grayish white and pure grayish white, and can add pink and blue beads. Choose from spherical and broken shapes. It is divided into scented and non-scented flavors, lemon-flavored apple flavor, rose flavor, etc., which can be produced according to your requirements.


Trading Information


25 TON

Payment Terms


Free samples

Yes, but express fee should be paid by customers.

Shipping port

Dalian Port

Processing Flow

Raw ore - Wet na modification - Drying - Grinding powder - Granulation - Drying - Being cat litter - Packaging

The advantage of our products:

  • Strong clumping

  • Dust free

  • Odor controlling

  • Absolutely Safe


Package: White PP bag, PE bag, OEM and ODM


How to use?

1. Put 6-8cm thick bentonite in cat litter box.

2. When encounter with liquid cat litter will be clumping together quickly.

3. Use cat litter scoop to remove the clumped cat litter.

4. Put the clumped cat in bin, and refill with new cat litter.


Any more queries, feel free to contact us directly.

Q 1: How many types of bentonite cat litter can you provide?

A 1: (1) By shape: Ball type and crushed type.

        (2) By color: Pure grayish white and grayish white with pink&blue beads.

        (3) By smell: scented and no-scented.


Q 2: What’ s your original package?

A 2: The original package is 25kg/pp bag(woven bag).


Q 3: Can we do customized packing and printing?

A 3: Yes, customized packing and printing is accepted. And price is based on detail design pic.Usually we do 5L=4kg and 10L=8kg PE or paper bags for clients.


Q 4: Can I have a combination of no scent and scented?

A 4: It’ s OK, pls advice the rate of each type, so that we can offer you price separately. 


Q 5:What is your MOQ?

A 5:10 ton for the stock and 25ton for the OEM.