Ball Shaped Bentonite Cat Litter

Ball Shaped Bentonite Cat Litter

1.Super and quick clumping, easy to scoop, could keep remaining cat litter in the box is always clean. 2.Ultra odor control and anti baterial, could keep your air fresh and far away from disease and so on.

Product Details


My factory production bentonite serial products is the use natural mineral bentonite carries on the depuration、The activation modification and other special processing craft fine become,Has the good moisture content divergence, Cohesiveness, Adsorbability。

The main disadvantage of the common bentonite cat sand is that it is easy to dust. Due to the progress of science and technology, our factory has already solved the dust and dust disadvantage of the bentonite cat sand by good technical means.

It is very responsible to say that our cat litter is 99% clean.