Crushed strong absorbtion Bentonite Cat Litter

Crushed strong absorbtion Bentonite Cat Litter

Bentonite clay cat litter is the most popular and common cat litter with good clumping and absorption abilities. It clumps instantly in contact with liquid and forms clumps which are easy to scoop away using plastic or stainless steel scoop and maintain cat litter box clean.

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Bentonite is montmorillonite as the main composition of clay minerals, rain of the montmorillonite belongs to 2:1 type three layers structure of silicon aluminium acid salt content, each crystal two-story oxygen-silicon tetrahedron clip in a layer of alumina octahedral composition, part of the silicon ions are aluminum ion in tetrahedral, eight parts of the surface of the aluminum ions are magnesium ion, and produce permanent negative charge, the surface of the bentonite charged, and the strong hydrophilic properties.

This characteristic of bentonite is fully applied in the production of cat sand by bentonite.