Ledor Cat Litter With Fragrance

Ledor Cat Litter With Fragrance

Product Introduction Our cat litter,Ledor cat litter, has four kinds of tastes. General, our taste is apple, lemon, orange, lavender and tasteless. But we can produce according to your requirement. You can choose any kind of taste cat litter. If only you like, we can produce. Also, we can make...

Product Details

Product Introduction

Designed for high-performance use, this multi-cat-strength litter is lightweight, 99% dust-free, 100% natural, and totally flushable for easy cleaning.

By forming clumps quickly, it also prevents the litter from sticking to the litter box. It’s also septic-safe, eco-friendly, and free of toxins or silica so it’s safe for the whole family. Plus, it contains a blend of real pine ingredients for a gentle, natural scent.