Remove Odor Bentonite Cat Litter Exporter

Remove Odor Bentonite Cat Litter Exporter

cat litter is used by owners to bury their excrement and urine, and has good water absorbency. It is usually used in conjunction with a litter box (or cat litter box) Within a litter box, a trained cat enters the litter box to excrete it when it needs to be excreted

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Bentonite cat litter is the oldest type of commercial cat litter, and still widely sold. Bentonite is a popular cat litter substance because of its ability to absorb liquid. It’s also great for controlling odor, because it separates urine. 

This exclusive fresh and light litter works to trap and eliminate urine odor immediately, keeping your home smelling fresh all day, every day.It’s highly absorbent clay formula traps moisture fast to form hard clumps


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