Round Granulated Cat Litter

Round Granulated Cat Litter

Round granulated cat litter is an object used by the owner to bury feces and urine for the cats raised by the owner. It has good water absorption and is generally used together with the cat litter box (or cat toilet). An appropriate amount of round granulated cat litter is poured into the cat litter box.

Product Details

Round particle cat litter main ingredients: bentonite.

Appearance: gray-white globular or irregularly shaped particles.

It is the most commonly used cat litter at present. It is highly hygroscopic and can quickly absorb the water in the feces and form a big hard ball. Coagulation cat litter solve the problem of urine, urine can be condensed into a block, together with eradication, sanitary convenience. If encounter loose bowels, also can succeed of suck into a ball, no longer have ordinary cat litter to wrap not worry. When the coagulated litter is gradually consumed, new litter can be added to the litter at any time without giving up the whole litter.


Some round granule cat litter also adds a sweet smell, which can reduce the number of times you stop breathing while cleaning. More advanced are the bactericidal ingredients, or the sand particles dyed into colored cat litter, quite visual effect. Ordinary cat litter and condensed cat litter are made of natural bentonite, and the excrement will return to the nature soon.11