Scoop Away Cat Litter Coupons

Scoop Away Cat Litter Coupons

Product Introduction Whether you have a cat, or just seen one on TV, you might not be aware of what cat litter actually is. You might be surprised to learn that there are different types of cat litter. The best cat litter for your cuddly kitty depends upon your expectations. Bentonite cat litter...

Product Details

Product Introduction

Cat litter granules expand when wet and form clumps that will not break apart even during sifting, scooping or your cat's scratching. 

Fragrance Free Formula combines breakthrough odor control technology with the intense performance of bentonite to maximize litter pan odor protection. Begins to destroy urine, feces and ammonia odors on contact to prevent odors from spreading. Continues working until odors are eliminated - providing the freshest litter box environment. Always wash hands thoroughly after handling used litter.