Best Indoor Cat Litter

Best Indoor Cat Litter

Ledor bentonite cat litter uses bentonite plus special high-efficiency deodorant and bactericidal ingredients. It has the characteristics of light weight, solidification, deodorization, antibacterial, non-toxic, tasteless and non-polluting. The adsorption force is strong, and the deodorizing and bacteriostatic effect is remarkable. Quickly agglomerate, not easy to break, easy to clean. The particles are round and even, and do not stick to the cat's claws.

Product Details

It is mainly used for household feeding of cats and dogs and other small animals. It has the advantages of deodorization, sanitation, economy, and low waste.


1. Lay a cat litter of about 1.5 inches in thickness in a clean cat litter.

2. Regularly clean up the garbage generated after use to keep it clean.

3. If there are more than one cat, you can shorten the cycle of replacing the litter by proportion, instead of putting too much cat litter in the litter box, it is recommended to use a bag of 4L cat litter: one cat, one month, two Cat, about 15 days, three cats, about 10 days.

4. Cat litter after adsorption saturation should be removed from the box with a spoon in time.