Broken Clay Cat Litter

Broken Clay Cat Litter

Searching for bentonite clay cat litter? We're one of the most professional manufacturers and exporters in China, please be free to get price list and free sample from our factory.

Product Details

Irregular sand (broken sand)

This series of products are made of high quality natural bentonite as raw material through modification, granulation molding and other processes. Can be divided into coarse particles and fine particles of two specifications.

Color particles added: can add 1-3% blue, red color particles, more beautiful and affordable.

Flavor add: can add lemon, mint, apple, orange, green tea and other spices.


1. Large package: 1000kg/ ton bag (moisture-proof and film-covered container bag), 25kg, 40kg woven bag.

2. Small package: 10L, 5kg, 5L plastic composite bag (PET/LLDPE or nylon composite), or according to the packaging provided by the customer for processing.

Note: special requirements can be made according to user's requirements.