Bulk Cat Kitty Litter

Bulk Cat Kitty Litter

Block litter is a clay cat litter containing bentonite that causes cat litter to condense when wet. This makes it easy to handle dirty trash and prevents you from having to fill the entire trash bin every time the trash gets wet. This also makes gathering cat litter more cost effective.

Product Details

Block cat litter is a kind of clay cat litter, containing bentonite, which makes the cat litter coagulate when wet. This makes it easy to dispose of dirty trash and prevents you from filling the entire bin every time it gets wet. This also makes collecting cat litter more economical and efficient. Cat litter has a great effect on the health of cats. We must choose high-quality and economical litter to meet the daily needs of cats. Ledao cat litter has long been committed to the production and quality of cat litter. We work with more than 50 countries.

The company specializes in bentonite ore, zeolite mining, processing, marketing, the main bentonite ore whiteness, viscosity, low proportion, is very suitable for the production of cat sand. Our company mainly produces spherical bentonite cat litter and broken particle cat litter. After many years of research and exploration, our company has greatly improved the production process and formula of cat litter, so that the product has the characteristics of safety, non-toxic, hard, fast water absorption, less dust and so on, and has a strong competitiveness among similar products.

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