Outdoor Cat Litter Sand

Outdoor Cat Litter Sand

Looking for outdoor cat litter sand? We are one of the biggest factory in China,having exported all kingds of cat litter to more than 50 countries.

Product Details

This clumping cat litter is aptly named because it clumps well and controls odor in multi-cat households. World’s Best Scoopable Multiple Cat Clumping Litter forms tight clumps on contact and its powerful, concentrated formula contains an all-natural plant derivative which traps odors. This cat litter is not your average clay litter – it is made from naturally absorbent bentonite and compressed into concentrated granules, making it a lightweight and dust-free alternative to clumping clay litter. Available in our package or OEM, this cat litter is environmentally friendly, flushable, and unscented. What more could you ask for? – Buy It


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