Quick Clumping Litter To Use For Cats

Quick Clumping Litter To Use For Cats

Quick Clumping cat litter is the most popular and common cat litter with good clumping and absorption abilities. It clumps instantly in contact with liquid and forms clumps which are easy to scoop away using plastic or stainless steel scoop and maintain cat litter box cleanliness daily.

Product Details

Here is how our cat litter different from other similar products:

1. Faster and higher absorption - 350% of its weight, more economic and lasts longer

2. Quick and firm clumping - won't break if your cat steps on it and easy to scoop away

3. Clumps do not stick to the cat litter tray bottom - prevent bacteria spreading

4. Really strong fragrance - the scent comes even from the closed bag

5. Special and unique formula for sealing bad urine smell - keeps your cat toilet fresh every day

It is made of 100% natural bentonite clay material which is safe for you and your pet.