Quickly clot cat litter

Product Description: Our Sodium Friendly cat litter is high water absorption ,dust free, Non toxic,Easy Clean,and it is good health for the cat and people.we can provide stock wholesale kitty litter in bulk, or if you have own brand of pet products ,we wiling to provide Customized service The...

Product Details

Product Description:

  1. cat litter feature: The cat litter is made of highly absorbent and non-toxic bentonite. Which has strong absorption ability.  The control of bacteria growth as well as fresh air-keeping. Fast concretion into pellet. Disgusting odder absorption. Beneficial to the health of house pets(such as cats).it is The ideal cushion for pets.

2.cat litter detailed description:

  1).Ingredients: 100% sodium bentonite
  2).Processing scientific formula and advanced refining.
  3).The cat litter is crafted with strong aggregation,odor absorption,high water                          absorption,antibacterial,being condecive to the growth of animal health,and family environmental      health.
  4).When the pet discharge dirt, the litter will be fast group,making smell of urine and the urine        contained bacteria in the consolidation of small adsorption,completely non-smell,keep the            ususlly clean.

The clumpLock technology turns all liquids into tight clumps for easier scooping, with less mess or left-over crumbles. It’s no wonder it’s specially made to handle the litter needs of homes with multiple kitties!

IMG_9599.JPG   This is the photo of cloting quickly.    


                                                           This is the photo of our cat litter.