Fast Knot Ball Dust-freecat Litter

Fast Knot Ball Dust-freecat Litter

Our bentonite clay clumping cat litter is made from natural sources and is hygienic for cats. Very porous granules being 99.9% dust free forms regular clumps, absorbs liquids,

Product Details

Cat litter is increasingly used in cat-raising families thanks to the ability to eliminate daily waste of pets. In spite of having the same purpose, there are many types of cat litter available on the market. So, you have to research and consider a lot of features for choosing the best cat litter for you and your pets, especially, low in dust.

When choosing cat litter, you have to pay attention to the problem of dust and dirt. Because cats go to the litter box, legs and hair will certainly be contaminated with dirt. So, cats will make your house very dirty! As such, you will spend a lot of effort to clean up your home.

Ledor cat litter use 100% natrual materials.

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