Bentonite Cat Toilet Litter

Bentonite Cat Toilet Litter

Usage: This cat litter into the cat litter basin 6-8 cm thick, the cat excreted after the toilet, will quickly condense into a group, to be solid after the block to eradicate it, add cat litter. Note: Do not use this cat litter (waste) into the toilet or sewer, so as not to block, storage should avoid contact with children, this cat litter is only used for pet cleaning, do not use other purposes, or at your own risk. Storage method: This cat litter has moisture absorption, after opening the bag into the bag, stored in a ventilated and dry place, so as to avoid the use of moisture products.

Product Details

Product Introduction

This cat litter is made with 100% white Bentonite, for maximum control of odors. Great absorption because it keeps the tray dry, easy to use, just remove the waste every two or three days. It is very hygienic and 100% natural, respectful with the environment.