Flushable Litter

Flushable Litter

Most cat litters are clay-based. Some clump, some don't. Flushable litter is often positioned as an environmentally friendlier alternative to clay-based litter. These litters are biodegradable if you don't put them in a plastic bag.

Product Details

The most difficult part of the flushable litter versus scoop-able cat litter dilemma is that there is no “perfect” solution available as of yet.

To solve this,we develop products of flushable cat litter.The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to clean the cat litter box the old-fashioned way anymore.

Our Litter is made of nature high-class bentonite by purifying, high temperature and drying technology,It is suitable for small animals

1. Water absorption and strong durability, so as to reduce consumption;

2. The deodorant effect is very good. The smell is fresh and natural without any additives or chemicals;

3. Soft and dust-free, it is not easy to stick to cat body and floor, and will not harm cat respiratory tract!

4. Light weight, easy to carry and easy to handle.

5. Environmentally friendly, with strong biodegradability.

6. After use, it can be washed away with water. It will never clog the sewer