Natural Flushable Cat Litter

Natural Flushable Cat Litter

Product Description of Natural Flushable Cat litter : Our cat sand is made of high quality 100% sodium bentonite by special processes. advantage as follows: 1. instant hard & compact clumps,easy to scoop 2. superior odor control, moisture release, fresh scent, 3. 99.9% dust free,safe to...

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Product Description : 

When it is finally time to clean the litter box, use the number one clay litter alternative with Feline Pine Original Cat Litter The special odorless pellets will keep your cat's litter box odor, dust, and tracking free, plus Feline Pine Original Cat Liter absorbs urine quickly. Easily scooped and flushed, or recycled for other uses, you won't remember how you lived without this unique litter.

Looking for an easy win Try this lucky flush! A flushable lightweight clumping litter. It takes fewer pounds of Cats Pride Scoopable to fill kittys litter box, because it has 40% more litter per pound than all those other national brands. And it leaves a fresh, clean scent especially important when you have a full house!