Non Toxic Flushable Cat Litter

Mixing an equal amount of soil with Non toxic Flushable Cat litter for planting or growing vegetables can help retain the hydration and humidit around the roots which promotes better growth.

Product Details

Product Description of Non toxic Flushable Cat litter : 

A.Non-toxic Flushable Cat litter is carefully designed to feature fine particles with no angularity makes cats feel more comfortable;

B. When wet, the zeolite cat litter will quickly absorb moisture and clump together to facilitate removal of feces and urine;

C. Its super absorbing function can eliminate any odor to achieve a better deodorization effect than that of common zeolite cat litter;

D. The product can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria which can protect cats from bacteria;

E. Harmless to cats even when eating small amounts by mistake;