Strip Flushable Cat Litter

Strip Flushable Cat Litter

Product Description of Strip Flushable cat litter: 1. Strong absorption ability(400%) ,fast absorption rate. Absorb pet urine and peculiar smell within a couple of seconds fully,restrain the growth of bacteria,keep the cat litter surface dry and clean, keep the air fresh and pure. 2. Fast and...

Product Details

Product Description of Strip Flushable cat litter:

 1. Strong absorption ability(400%) ,fast absorption rate.
Absorb pet urine and peculiar smell within a couple of seconds fully,restrain the growth of bacteria,keep the cat litter surface dry and clean, keep the air fresh and pure.
 2. Fast and hard clumping.
 3. No dust.
 4. Far less usage,less garbage, easy to clean up.
 5. No chemical, belongs to the green environmental protection products.
 6. Montmorillonite content is above 70%.
 7. Less than 1.5% moisture content.
 8.Beautiful and enjoyable.
 Provide all kinds of coloured speckles and fragrances.Such as Lemon,Strawberry,Lavender,etc.

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Our Strip Flushable cat litter form clumping instantly on contact with liquid

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