100% Natural Lavender Scent Granular Bentonite Cat Litter

100% Natural Lavender Scent Granular Bentonite Cat Litter

The bentonite cat litter produced by Ledor has low price, good agglomeration, strong water absorption and strong masking effect. The cat litter we produce has strong coagulation power, good water absorption, strong odor resistance and low dust content. Ledor bentonite cat litter is your best choice.

Product Details

Product Description

The cat litter is got from the 100% natural bentonite clay powder.Its charactor is highly absorbent and non-toxic.  

It lets you scoop odors away, leaving your ltter box clean and fresh. Its spcial clumping grannules quickly absorb liquid while lasting weeks longer than conventional litter. Youe cats will be delighted at the natural, hygienic and fast clumping products.  


Fast Clumping within 3 seconds , not damage other sands.


You can see clearly the good characters of our cat litter from the above pictures :

1) Strong absorption ability. 

2) Fast concretion into pellet, fast clumping and remove the smell very good

3) Disgusting odder absorption. 

4) Control of bacteria growth as well as fresh air-keeping.

5) Beneficial to the health of house pets (such as cats).

6) Ideal cushion for pets.


Usage Of Cat Litter

Put the cat litter to the litter box, when the pets have stools, the bentonite cat litter will fastly clump and you can remove it, and other litters will not be damaged.


Payment Terms

T/T Payment and L/C Payment are availble for us.


Company information

Liaoning Ledor Technolegy Co.,Ltd. was established in the year 2003. With many bentonite raw mines,  we have been developing high grade products to meet all customer's request. We also have bentonite series, such as use for drilling mud, foundry bentonite , bentonite  cat  litter, metallurgy pellet, fertilizer grade, waterproofing bentonite , feed grade bentonite, organic  bentonite etc.So far we have been the largest supplier of bentonites products in China.

Our supply ability:  over 10,000 tons per year.

We have certificates: ISO9001 and Halal certificates.

Our clients: all over the world.

Welcome all of you to visit our factory and have longterm business with you.