Apple Scented Cat Litter

Apple Scented Cat Litter

Searching for apple scented cat litter? We're one of the most professional manufacturers and in China.Apple scented cat litter is our natural bentonite cat litter product added apple flavor spices.It is deeply loved by cat.Please be free to get price and sample from our factory.

Product Details


Apple scented cat litter is made from 100% all natural bentonite clay. This all natural clay based litter forms extra hard clumps for easy clean up and helps reduce tracking. Blended with a natural fresh apple scent, it will leave your litter box and house with a fresh,clean aroma. Odor control bits have been added for a superior natural odor eliminator system. This locks in moisture and odors on contact for easy disposal and a guaranteed fresh litter box. Apple scented cat litter is screened many times to eliminate dust for a cleaner litter box environment. For households with multiple cats, apple scented cat litter product is formulated for instant long lasting odor control on contact.


Our factory:

Our factory is located in lingyuan city, liaoning province, China,which covers an area of 56 thousand square meters,300 staff currently,among which 22 scientific and technical staff. Starting the manufacturing of cat litter in 2003,now it has formed 3 productive lines of cat litter,and its annual output is 80 thousand tons.


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