Green Tea Scented Cat Litter

Green Tea Scented Cat Litter

Here is Ledor kittysand.Searching for Green Tea Scented Cat Litter? We're one of the most professional manufacturers and exporters in China, please be free to get and sample from our factory.

Product Details

Green tea scented cat litter, like its name, gives your interior a fresh, refreshing feel. We use advanced technology to add green tea flavor to ordinary cat litter to make Green tea scented cat litter. This taste is very popular among cats.

Green tea is one of the main teas in China. It refers to the beverages made from the new leaves or buds of tea trees, which have been fermented, processed, dried and dried. The color of the finished product and the brewed tea soup preserve the green color of the fresh tea leaves. Regular drinking of green tea can prevent cancer, reduce fat and lose weight, and it can also reduce the nicotine damage it receives. It is a very beneficial green plant.

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