Lemon Scented Kitty Sand

Lemon Scented Kitty Sand

Product Description of Lemon Scented Kitty sand : The Feature of our Lemon Scented Kitty sand : Machining Process of Lemon Scented Kitty sand: Our Lemon Scented Kitty sand form clumping instantly on contact with liquid Below you can see the step-by-step instructions how this cat litter works...

Product Details

Product Description :

Add natural liquid lemon fragrance. It's not pungent and just right.

Unique lead dust sterilization process and the high temperature sterilization process, make the cat litter in the use of the time can achieve clean effect.

Product has strong deodorant, smell can be tightly adsorbed do not send out, keep the air fresh, super hygroscopic cluster, it can quickly in a short time after pet moisture in the discharge of urine, feces, antibacterial ability is strong, durable, easy to handle!