Best Organic Cat Litter

Best Organic Cat Litter

The cat litter is toxic-free and absolutely safe. You just need put 6 - 8cm height of cat litter in cat litter box. When the cat litter meets water, it will clump quickly.

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Ledor Cat Litter is made from 100% organic bentonite. It is all-natural and does not contain harmful clumping chemicals such as sodium bentonite. Ledor cat litter functions in a new and innovative way, much different from what is known and expected of generic cat litters.The bentonite fully absorbs moisture into the center of each particle, without leaching, ridding your box of external clumps of visible waste. Ledor Cat Litter suppresses odor, is long lasting, and is easy to use. Bentonite is 100% compostable. After the litter becomes fully saturated it can be repurposed within your yard or garden. 


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