Biodegradable Bentonite Kitty Litter

Biodegradable Bentonite Kitty Litter

cat litter is used by owners to bury their excrement and urine, and has good water absorbency. It is usually used in conjunction with a litter box (or cat litter box) Within a litter box, a trained cat enters the litter box to excrete it when it needs to be excreted

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Most cat litter is made from bentonite clay, they type of clay that clumps in the presence of moisture. This type of clay also helps absorb odors because it can hold the urine, and it keeps the litter box a bit cleaner because the liquid and solid waste can be scooped out regularly. 

The advantage of bentonite in cat litters is that it will absorb several times its dry weight in liquid, and at the same time forms clumps that can be scooped out without removing the rest of the litter. 


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