OEM Friendly Cat Litter

OEM Friendly Cat Litter

Product Description of OEM Friendly Cat Litter: Ball shape bentonite cat litter Naturally clumping litter,last longer bentonite sands. Environmentally friendly multi purpose pet litter made from 100% natural bentonite. Scientifically formulated to form unique,highly absorbent granules which...

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Product Description of OEM Friendly Cat Litter:

Ball shape bentonite cat litter

Naturally clumping litter,last longer bentonite sands.

Environmentally friendly multi purpose pet litter made from 100% natural bentonite.

Scientifically formulated to form unique,highly absorbent granules which absorb and 

trap moisture and obours before they can spread.

Used For Pet Cleaning 

Pet product,natural dust free bentonite cat litter eco-friendly products