Strip Friendly Cat Litter

Strip Friendly Cat Litter

Product Description of Strip Friendly cat litter : The highly absorbent mineral bentonite is particularly suitable as a quality cat litter pet litter. ECONOMICAL USE Our Strip Friendly cat littercreates a solid pellet,dean on the outside,which encloses all Best Natural Scented Clumping Colored...

Product Details

Product Description

Clay-based litter is made for fast clumping and easy scooping, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the entire box every day.

A low-dust formula that’s great at trapping and eliminating odors, so your kitty stays happy and your home fresh and clean.

Exclusive natural formula is safely designed for superior performance to keep your cats purring for a long time.

Free of perfumes and dyes, so it’s allergy-friendly, making it safe and gentle for your furry friend and the entire family.

A product the American Humane Society stands by, so you’re getting a great value and will feel good about giving your kitty the best.