Least Dusty Cat Litter

Least Dusty Cat Litter

Ledor cat litter is a group of cat litter. The main component is bentonite. The object has good water absorption. The appropriate amount of cat litter is poured into the litter box. The cat enters the litter box and drains it. After the urine or feces will form a mass, it can be easily cleaned with a cat litter.

Product Details

Ledor condensed bentonite cat litter, using natural sand as raw material, using advanced production technology, can achieve 98% dust-free. It is highly hygroscopic, absorbs the moisture in the feces quickly, forms a large hard mass, and the excrement will quickly return to nature. The biggest advantage of using cat litter is that it is more effective than the sand to cover up the taste of cat waste. This kind of cat litter is lighter, the foot feels better, it is more convenient to clean up, and the odor absorption ability is very strong, which can keep the air fresh at home.