No Dust Kitty Cat Litter

No Dust Kitty Cat Litter

No dust kitty cat litter is the most popular and common cat litter with good clumping and absorption abilities. It clumps instantly in contact with liquid and forms clumps which are easy to scoop away using plastic or stainless steel scoop and maintain cat litter box cleanliness daily.
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We provide various packaging and branding options in order to satisfy needs of all our customers. We pack directly at the factory and get the final product ready for container loading. OEM, ODM and bulk packing options are available with such packages as plastic bags, carton boxes with handles, strong woven bags and ton bulk bags. Palletization with film wrapping also can be performed according to your requirements.

Nowadays competitive market requires not only quality products, but also a quality service. Kind Pet Products established specialised departments in order to let you feel like at home in pet products industry. Our staff consists from people of different backgrounds such as marketing, export, logistics, design, packaging and MBA management. From the product introduction to the booking vessel and shipping – we are happy to guide you through the whole purchasing process in order you get finished cat litter product safe and sound.

 What about the pricing and discounts?

The price depends on following factors:
1. The type of the products
2. The order quantity (the more order quantity is, the higher discount you can get)

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