Non Toxic Cat Sand

Non Toxic Cat Sand

Bentonite cat litter is made of highly absorbent and non-toxic bentonite. It lets you scoop odors away, leaving your litter box clean and fresh. Its special clumping granules quickly absorb liquid while lasting weeks longer than conventional litter.

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Product Description:

Non-toxic cat litter is the best option for the health-conscious cat owner. There are a number of natural kitty litter options that cat owners can try, until they find one with which their cat is comfortable using.

Powdery dust little urine stool easy to clean can be flushed with deodorant.

It's not easy for cats to go to the bathroom without a home.


It is convenient to clean the urine and stool by the urination group, so it is not necessary to clean the toilet regularly to clean the cat litter.

Deodorant stink is good for crystal cat sand.