Sodium Non Toxic Cat Litter

Sodium Non Toxic Cat Litter

Main components: clay rock with montmorillonite as its main component. Performance: good water absorption, good cohesiveness.There is usually dust. Usage: this litter of cat litter is so small that cats can easily come out after using the toilet.If you don't clean it up a lot, you can see small white particles in your eyes, and if you step on it, it becomes a white powder.

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Product Description

View: a white or gray-white spherical particle or irregular shaped particle.

It is currently the most commonly used cat litter, moisture absorption is very strong, can quickly absorb the water in the excrement, forming a large hard group.

Coagulation cat sand solves the problem of urine, can coagulate the urine into block, together eliminate, sanitation is convenient.

If met with a dilute, also can successfully absorb a ball, no longer have ordinary cat sand to wrap up trouble.