Special Formula Cat Litter Bulk

Special Formula Cat Litter Bulk

cat litter is used by owners to bury their excrement and urine, and has good water absorbency. It is usually used in conjunction with a litter box (or cat litter box) Within a litter box, a trained cat enters the litter box to excrete it when it needs to be excreted

Product Details

Product Introduction

This quick-clumping litter blasts odors, and is ideal for households with one cat.

Virtually dust-free means you can breathe easier in your home, and makes this litter safe for pets or owners with respiratory problems.

A low-tracking material ensures your furry friend won't be tracking litter and bacteria throughout your home.

It produces harder clumps for easier scooping and is so absorbent, one bag is equal to three bags of the leading clay litter.


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