What if your cat doesn't like to use a litter box?

- Feb 26, 2018 -

Almost we passed by!

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A lot of people like a cat in the home, not only because they are lovely and clever, but also because they are very love clean ~ but if when you have a cat defecate indiscriminately, do you think you have a fake cat?

In fact, the cat's urine may only need to be guided through your steps.

Let's tackle this problem today!

Before we train our cats to go to the toilet, we should first judge whether the cats really do not use the litter box, because the cats may also use the litter box for other reasons. The owner did not clean the cat litter in time. The litter box was placed in a position that made the cat insecure. The cat litter box was too small and so on, all of which caused the cat not to like to use the litter box. So after excluding the above reasons, your cat is still Will urinate anywhere, then start training it.

First, when the cat outside cat sand basin after discharge, owners should with paper towel wrapped cat feces into cat sand basin, and then took the cat to cat litter smell in the basin, and the cat's paw to teach it to waste buried, gentle encouragement it at the same time, can also do some food reward for it.

After a few repetitions, most cats learn to use the litter box.

Keep in mind that the whole process should not be used to scold the cat, because the cat is to remember to eat the animals, must be encouraged to guide it.

Then, place in of disorderly discharge must use disinfectant disinfection, it is in order not to let bacteria residue, the second is in order not to let the cat smell this, continue to discharge in these places.

If the cat is from someone's house hold, small make up recommend some cat litter from home owners take home, put the original cat litter coverage on new cat litter, this can let the cat smell the familiar cat litter, so as to guide it used new toilet.

There's a trick to this.

We can try to take it to the toilet after 15 minutes of cat food.

I hope these tips will help you, but the most important thing is to help the cats learn how to use the toilet.

Let's work with the cats to create a better living environment.