As A Rookie Shoveler, How Do You Teach Your Master To Use Cat Litter?

- Feb 25, 2018 -

The kitten is not born to yo use of cat litter, when you take it home, be it a few days ago will be around to pull urine, this is really let a person very hard, you will find that the side of sofa, the carpet can have its droppings, is really not afraid it be shy with strangers, and they were afraid it is not hygienic.

So you must first teach it to use cat litter. If it gets into bad habits it will be hard to change it!!

Of course, the cat is also very clever, teaching it a couple of times he will understand that "it is here to go to the toilet".

Need cat litter and cat litter.

When the cat comes in, he'll walk around and smell it, but you'll find that when it comes to the litter, where does it stop and sniff?

Take the kitten to the litter box and scratch it with its little PAWS. Get familiar with the action.

When the cat pull poop out, you to pick up a poo paper up to let it smell, then let him see you put the poop in cat sand basin, and then hugged it to the litter pan let its own smell, and then use it to small claws gouging cat litter cover poo, press down its head to make it smell.

Because cats are judged by smell, this is clearly telling them that your toilet is right here!

Wait until the next time it to poop (cat poop would call, and tail will be stuck up, do a squat shape), just put it up in the litter pan and his plane again a few times to show it, allow it to deepen our memory.

But some cats don't even care what you're doing, even if they're still pissed off after teaching.

Then you're going to have education, you're going to be a little bit more aggressive, very serious education, let it know that you're not happy.

Because cats have a bad memory, they must be caught on the spot.

The choice of cat litter.

If you do not have the experience of owning a cat, it is difficult to imagine the functions and characteristics of all types of cat litter. Now, you can list some of them for your reference:

1. The crystal cat sand, is the silica sand type cat sand, environmental protection type.

Under the condition of the same weight, than the bentonite cat litter expensive nearly half, but with time and bentonite cat litter, and less odor, cat pull poop is litter parcel after poop itself will absorb the moisture, cleaning up more comfortable with the spatula, and absorb the cat urine after not together and not sick.

2. Bulk cat litter.

If you're lazy and don't want to be around the cat all day, don't use it.

Bentonite cat litter cleaning not in time, is the chief drawback of cat urine will melt into a pile of the cat litter more paste, with a shovel shovel and will stick on the shovel, if want to brush the along while ~ ~ hard shovel excrement museum, you can use it on the wet cat urine of soil into a paste.

The absorption effect is general.

The price is the cheapest.

3. Bean curd cat sand, loose soil cat sand.

In fact, it is a kind of bentonite cat sand, added other material, the price is more expensive than the bentonite, so it is also a group, which needs to be cleaned up in time, but it is more environmentally friendly than the bentonite.

The absorption effect is medium.

Bamboo charcoal cat litter.

Environmental protection type, also is a kind of bentonite cat sand, because there is bamboo charcoal powder, so the absorption effect is very good.

Wet water will be formed and will need to be cleaned in time.