Bentonite Cat Litter

- Nov 23, 2017-

Appearance: white or gray spherical particles or irregularly shaped particles.

It is the most commonly used cat litter, highly hygroscopic and absorbs water quickly in the stool to form a large hardball. Condensation of cat litter to solve the problem of urine, urine can condense into pieces, together with the eradication, health and convenience. In case of diarrhea, will be successful sucked, there is no longer ordinary cat litter trouble. When condensed cat litter consumption gradually, you can always add new cat litter sand litter, also do not need to give up all the pots.

Some also add perfume or perfume beads or fresh peppermint flavor, cat litter cleaning, you can reduce the number of temporary stop breathing. More advanced there are bactericidal ingredients, or sand colored into cat litter, quite visual effects. Ordinary cat litter and condensed cat litter, are made of natural gravel, excrement will quickly return to nature.

Advantages: For cats, this cat litter, foot feel better, suitable for cats like nature buried. Clean up more convenient, some brands of cat litter in the smell done better, if the cat is not much at home, cleaning cat litter every day, the basic can be tasteless.

Disadvantages: dust is too large, if litter box placed in the room, the furniture will gradually be attached to the surface layer of thin white powder, cat body also has a smell of soil. Because cat litter particles are small and relatively easy to catch in the cat's toe suture, cats will lick the small sand remaining in the toe seams.

Note: Bentonite cat litter is ideal for home use. You can always clean cat litter at any time, but the dust is larger, so it's best to keep the litter pot in a well ventilated area. Cats should pay special attention to cat litter containing bentonite, which can damage their breathing and digestive system.