Cat Litter Selection Skills

- Nov 23, 2017-

Litter selection is actually very simple, the principle is to use the cat instead of your favorite cat litter like. Do not change it easily when you've decided on a cat litter, or your cat may not have "poo" for litter. How to determine which kind of cat litter your cat likes? In fact, it is very simple, many brands of cat litter has a small package, select a few well-known brands of cat litter one by one to the cat trial to see what it likes and then ok just fine. In the selection is not a blind pick, you need to pay attention to several points: First, choose to facilitate the removal of clotting condensed cat litter, the cat litter easy to clean and can absorb odor; followed cats prefer unflavored cat litter, so try not Use those rich flavor of cat litter, but the owner is often preferring the smell of cat litter, so in the choice did not consider the cat's feelings, so buy cat litter cats do not like to use, we must remember that cat litter is For cats, their favorite cat litter is suitable. If the cat does not like the litter we choose for it, the cat litter usually shows the following: Scratching the litter tray, standing outside the litter tray, or jumping in quickly, catching the litter directly beside the litter tray, So when you find your cat above these conditions, please replace the other kind of cat litter, please do not easily replace the other brands.