Cat Litter Types

- Nov 23, 2017-

Cat litter is the object used by owners to cover their excrement and urine for their cats, and sometimes for pot belly pigs. The object has a good water absorption, and will generally be used in conjunction with the litter box (or cat toilet), the amount of cat litter into the litter box, trained cats need to be excreted into the cats will go into the cat Excretion of sand inside the tank above; the use of cat litter is the instinct of cats, most cats can easily learn to use cat litter. Litter on the market mostly granular, commonly used include soil sand, paper sand, crystal sand, tofu sand, wood sand, wheat sand and so on. Cat litter can be divided into two categories, the group of the group and not the group. The main component of cat litter is bentonite (Bentonite) which absorbs into the urine or feces and forms a mass that can be conveniently cleaned with a litter scoop. The clumps of clumps that do not clump up will not clump up to the urine and shovel them out after cat stools and will need to be replaced as a whole after use.