Easy Training Pet Persian Cat Litter In The Toilet

- Dec 22, 2017 -

Cats are relatively clean animals, many cats are naturally excreted with litter, but some Persian cats are too small to be used, or are not used to cats littering for a long time, then they need the owner to teach them to use litter It's Training pet cats and cats in the litter, it is best to start when Persian cats were young.

First, you need to prepare a Persian cat litter box and place it in a fixed place in your home. The litter box can be done by yourself or on the market, then spread over a litter of litter in the basin.

Second, in the usual host to make the Persian cat first familiar with the litter box. First of all, you can catch the Persian cat and put it in the basin. Then gently tap its head and buttocks, and tell it that it is the toilet after it. Although the Persian cat does not start to understand what you mean, it slowly understands and understands it after training and understanding.

Third, to master the Persian cats urinate time and laws, in the Persian cats have not formed a good habit before, pay close attention to Persian cat behavior. Found Persian cats have signs of urine, Persian cats should promptly guide or catch a fixed sand, let it urine.

Fourth, the sand in the dirt to clean up in time, but also to the Persian cat defecation odor and urine left in the sand pot, so that Persian cats can be attracted to defecation, more conducive to the Persian cat to develop in Fix the habit of urinating in the sand.

Training Persian cats to urinate in the sand basin is taking some time. This time is a test of the owner's patience and determination, the only way to train pet cat litter in the work of the pot to be successful. The owner must have confidence in the cat, in fact, the cat is also very clever.