Feeding Cats Common Sense

- Nov 23, 2017 -

The cat enters the cat stage at 12 months of age or above. The cat's body and digestive system have basically developed and mature, which can better digest and absorb the nutrients. Into the nutrition of cats need full and balanced nutrition, to maintain the best health status of cats while preventing aging.

The best diet for adult cats is nutritionally priced and balanced cat food. When cats reach the age of seven, they have many health problems, especially in the metabolism, such as the kidneys and eyes. To solve these problems, it is important to feed them low-fat, low-energy foods to help them maintain normal body weight. In addition, the content of cellulose in the food should be guaranteed to ensure the health of the stomach and intestines, and the content of magnesium and phosphorus should be reduced to maintain the health of the urinary system and the kidneys. In addition, they should try their best to digest food.

Regularly weigh the cat's weight to ensure that the cat's weight is within normal range and feed as recommended by veterinarians and dietitians. Regularly assess the cat's condition, and adjust the amount of food fed according to the physical condition. Tweezing gently on the chin, it will increase the cat's affection for you.