How To Teach Cats With Cat Litter

- Nov 23, 2017 -

The first thing to tell is that kittens are very clever, with cat litter to teach very fast, usually two or three times the kitten will remember "Oh, I want to come here to the bathroom."

Cats just hold back if you do not properly teach basic are urine, even if pulled in the cat litter can only be mistaken.

So hold back before the litter box to be ready, a door to the first holding a kitten, take it paw planing a cat litter, clever kitten glance to understand what it means.

Of course, some kittens do not even care what you are doing, even after you teach them. This time you have to educate, (corporal punishment is not possible) righteousness is justified, it is very serious to educate it, let it know that you are unhappy. It is said that the memory of the cat is relatively poor, so be sure to seize the spot education.

After education, take a clean toilet paper to pick up the kitten to smell the kitten, and then take it to the litter box, let it see you put the poo into the litter box. Because cats are distinguished by smell, so doing so clearly tells you that your toilet is here!

Wait until the next time it is convenient (the kitten will be called and the tail will be upturned and squatted), then hold it up and put it in the litter tray, Let it deepen memory. Several times, cats basically use the litter.

In addition before the cat has nn and poo place, be sure to remove the legacy of taste, daily words can be orange peel.

Remember to teach cats with cat litter must be taught as soon as possible. If laziness solves it for a period of time, the smell of the "toilet" it releases is everywhere in the house, and it will be confused by itself. It is hard to get rid of the bad habits as time passes.