Zhaoyuan Produced Environmentally Friendly Plant Cat Litter For The First Time Abroad Exported 20 Tons Of South Korea

- Dec 21, 2017 -

On the 18th, the reporter learned that after completing the export registration and filing, the 20 tons of environmental-friendly plant cat litter from the three Yantai plant cat litters enterprises are beginning to process and are ready to be exported to South Korea. This will also be the first export of environmental cat litter in Yantai.

Cat litter in foreign countries is a very large consumption of pet supplies, which can absorb pet urine, excrement and other waste and prevent odor spills, is the vast majority of pet cats family common essential items, pet products manufacturing Industry occupies a pivotal position. The current types of cat litter mainly bentonite cat litter, cat litter and cat litter silica (litter litter, litter litter, bean curd cat litter) and so on.

Environmentally friendly plant cat litter is a kind of tofu cat litter, which is made from the residue of tofu, the main components of the fiber and starch, with fast clumping, deodorant, cleaning convenient, flushing characteristics compared to In other types of cat litter with biodegradable does not pollute the environment and the advantages of renewable raw materials. Zhaoyuan is the main origin of Longkou fans. The by-product pea fiber residue in the process of fan production, as the main raw material for plant cat litter, can not only ensure the quality of food grade raw materials, but also ensure the stability of raw material supply by local materials, Pea fiber residue utilization value. This reporter has learned that the three export cat litter enterprises in three days time to complete the application materials accepted, reviewed, on-site examination and certification, the company "fast, efficient, good service," the unanimous praise. Currently three companies have accepted foreign orders, step up production and exports.