What Cat Litter This Great Invention

- Dec 25, 2017 -

Still complaining about the taste of cat litter? Do not make excuses for yourself - you are lazy! To know the cat master than you hate dirty cat litter ~ Review the history of cat litter now is simply the same as God!


Cats have lived together with humans for thousands of years, but most of the time cats were stocked - cat owners came and wanted to go, eat and eat, (Including smelly) are brought beyond the people's attention.

But now the life of a cat is completely different, because humans care about their hygiene and care about the shit they pull.

The first basin "cat litter" was born?

Before 1940, the cat's living environment could really be described as "frustrated" - soil, sand, sawdust, paper, and even ashes and cinders could fit in basins for cats' convenience.

Do not say that you should also be able to think of this stuff can not hide the stench of ah, and cats will leave a row of footprints in the house after use, super dirty there! Cat abandoned, people also dislike, but no way. The point is, after the cat dislikes it, it's not in the stinky bowl - how big the heart is, how big the toilet is, you know.

At this time, Edward Lowe appeared!

You will think he is a cat lover, day and night studying the magical cat litter material ... not! He has nothing to do with cats! He is following his dad selling industrial sorbents. However, his neighbor, Kay Draper, is a cat lover.

It was a winter of 1947, when Kay was about to change her sand for her cat, but she found that the cat litter had been covered with heavy snow and the surface had been frozen.

To prevent cats from scenting around the room, Kay thought of asking for help from his neighbors. Fortunately, Edward is also worried about it at home - the snow stopped him to give customers delivery of the road. When Kay asked Edward if he could buy some sand, Edward advised Kay his product, Fuller's Earth (a dry clay particle). Actually, Edward originally wanted to sell Fuller soil as chicken house material to chicken farms.

Kay also took a tentative attitude to buy a pack of Fullerton soil, and found that Fullerton simply pull the group effect, not only to absorb the taste, and will not make the cat paw dirty. So Kay has become Edward's long-term customers.

Of course, Edward is not satisfied with a single customer, he began selling his magic clay. He packed 10 bags of Fullerton and wrote "cat litter" outside the package, sending the litter to a local pet store. The owner suspected how someone would be willing to spend 65 cents to buy a bag weighs only two kilograms of soil it seems like sprinkle? Edward said that if you can not sell it, you will be willing to pay for it soon! History shows that Edward did not make a mistake.

Edward also actively participated in the cat show, he cleaned hundreds of cat litters every day to fight for a cat show litter opportunities. Soon, cat litter on a wide range of popular.

In 1964, Edward founded the "Tidy Cat" brand and extended the cat litter around the world. After 1990, Edward's annual industry revenue has reached more than 200 million U.S. dollars. He must have never imagined that he had occasionly helped the neighbors a favor and let him embark on the path of life winner.

The correct use of cat litter

Well back to the beginning question, why does cat litter taste? Because you did not clean the litter box!

To avoid the smell of cat litter, keep cat litter and litter box dry is the most important, do not let the cat urine for a long time inside, so the taste will definitely put any already very educated cat forced Urinate anywhere.

The only way to keep cat litter dry is to keep cleaning, preferably twice a day. The cat litter shovel out of the group, and then fill the new cat litter. Replace every once in a while. In addition, cat litter should also be cleaned regularly, at least once every two weeks. Can use some small taste of detergent. Yes, do not forget to clean your shovel.

After the litter box is dry, add 5-8 cm of litter to it. Do not add too much to lazy, cats do not like too thick cat litter, and this thickness is the most convenient clean-up, update.

"Look at shovel shit officer gave me how to clean up ~" Source: Chlorella

Cats like fresh cat litter and clean containers

Nowadays, there are a lot of cat litters in the market that are spice-filled to hide the odor of excrement. However, in fact these so-called scent is rich and scary. In particular, cat litter and cat urine are mixed up again.

In addition to the spice flavor, the pine litter itself has a special smell similar to disinfectant water, which is unacceptable to many cats. So if they were suddenly replaced by ordinary cat litter pine, cats are most likely to refuse to go to the toilet. The litter box is simple, basically any plastic container that crouches a cat can be used as a litter box. However, in order to make the cat more comfortable, it is best to choose twice the size of the cat's body twice as long. Some of the more advanced litter boxes are "self-cleaning", which makes it easy for the owner, especially those who often travel long distances. However, to remind you, many impatient cats and big cats do not like this stuff.