Zhaoyuan Produced The First Batch Of Plant Cat Litter To Go Abroad

- Dec 26, 2017 -

On the 18th, the reporter learned from the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Yantai that recently, Yantai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau handled the export registration for the three plant cat litters enterprises in Zhaoyuan quickly. The first batch of 20 tons of environmental-friendly plant cat litter from Zhaoyuan was processed and ready for export Korea.

According to reports, environmental-friendly cat litter compared to other types of cat litter with biodegradable does not pollute the environment and the advantages of renewable raw materials. Zhaoyuan is the main origin of Longkou fans. The by-product pea fiber residue in the process of fan production, as the main raw material for plant cat litter, can not only ensure the quality of food grade raw materials, but also ensure the stability of raw material supply by local materials, Pea fiber residue utilization value.

Yantai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in light of the characteristics of emerging environmentally friendly plant litter, thoroughly implement the work to create a "three most ports" and promote the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, increase service efforts and policy requirements of publicity and promotion, and constantly improve the working mechanism to help Push environmental cat litter plant out of the country.

In this regard, Yantai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau finishing the registration of litter of plants out of the laws and regulations, the need to submit all the materials and requirements of the enterprise quality management system, export enterprises intending to conduct a one-time full notification, and exit of plant products registration Of the application, acceptance, assessment, approval, certification and other workflow and deadlines, but also to publicize the business, so that companies only need a consultation, you can be aware of, do not detours.

Actively give advice and suggestions to the enterprise and provide technical support in the planning and design of the project. Guide enterprises to strengthen the control of raw materials, strengthen the construction of plant epidemic prevention and pest control. Guide enterprises to conduct environmental risk analysis of cat litter, export-oriented countries to grasp the relevant laws and regulations and health standards.

To further shorten the administrative licensing workflow, to avoid business delays in export decisions due to wait for an administrative license. The three export cat litter enterprises completed the acceptance, examination, on-site examination and certification of the application materials within three days, and received the consistent high praise from the enterprises of "fast speed, high efficiency and good service". At present, all three companies have accepted foreign orders and stepped up preparations for export.