Meow Stars Stool Too Stinky? Try This Cat Litter House With Ventilation

- Dec 28, 2017 -

Home raised meow stars and Wang Xing, some completely different.

Take shit this matter, Wang Xing pull poo, when walking the dogs are solved. But our proud meow must have been drawn to home and buried in cat litter.

These little ancestors seem to love the clean, but do the superficial. You know, although cat litter was buried in cat litter, just out of sight out of mind not annoyed, but the smell is still distributed, and this is also the most troublesome thing for all Wang Xing people.

And now a kitty cat litter house called Kickstarter crowdfunding, through a unique ventilation system, a good solution to this problem.

Kitty Vent uses a ventilation system to get rid of the smell of cat feces, so that the odor in our home can be "restored to normal."

The installation of Kitty Vent is also very easy, first of all, its support part of the majority of the windows to support the groove, and then connect the exhaust hose to the rear of the cat litter house. The last thing to do is turn on the power and let the air circulate so that the smell of cat feces will be drained directly to the window.

In short, Kitty Vent's principle is very simple, by connecting the hose between the window and the cat litter house, and then through the built-in fan to circulate the air, so noble meow star poo will not affect the shovel officer's life Environment.

Currently, Kitty Vent Exhaust Cat Litter House has started crowdfunding on the Kickstarter with a crowdfunding target of $ 10,000 and an early bird starting at $ 49, and if all goes well, it is estimated that in 2017 September shipment.

Wang Xing people love their own clean, but hard shovel shovel officer. Such an eternal injustice, we can no longer back. With Kitty Vent, let the family no longer always play the taste of cat feces.