Litter Basin Should Be Placed Where The Best

- Dec 29, 2017 -

The first important principle of a litter box is that it should not be placed near the cat's rice bowl and water bowl. Cats are notoriously love-clean, they do not like eating around the toilet, and if you put litter pots in front of rice bowls and water bowls, they may simply ignore the litter and look for something more suitable The place to solve the problem of defecation.

Second, keep the litter box in a quiet place, which will make the cat feel more secure. In general, the closed balcony or master bedroom bathroom are good choices. The noisy side of the washing machine or wet faucet is not ideal for placing litter boxes. However, while cats prefer to use the toilet in private areas, the owner can not leave the litter box in a completely invisible place. Be aware that watching cat defecation is also one of your compulsory courses because many cat diseases are accessible from them The first defecation seen early detection early treatment.

Third, do not easily move the litter box. Once cats are familiar with the location of the litterbox, they will get used to this route. If you really want to change the position of the litter box, changing the position of the litter box will make sure you familiarize yourself with the environment of the new litter box so that they know where to go to the bathroom.

Fourthly, if your home is a duplex structure, you'd better place a litter box on each floor. Especially for older cats, going up and down the stairs becomes more difficult than before, and they will defecate directly on the floor if the litter box can not be found in time.

Finally, if there are other pets in your home, such as naughty dogs, you also want to make sure that the litter box is not accessible to the dog, you can choose to fence it or use it for cats Sand basin.