Cat Squatting Can't Pull Out

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Cats have been squatting in the cat litter, a want to pull and pull out the way, looked worried, this may be cat constipation caused by the phenomenon, if the cat has been squatting in the cat litter can not pull out, frequently Look back to the abdomen, and even have not bowel movement for a day or two, this is the cat constipation symptoms, the need for timely measures to improve cat constipation, so cats constipation more serious or even lead to gigantism.

First, constipation on the cats harm

Although the cat's constipation seems to be a small problem, but the symptoms caused by the cat is a certain danger. Cat constipation will not only affect the appetite and mental aspects are not good, but also lead to dry mouth and nose, conjunctival flushing, fur stand upright, was not stool with frequent bowel movements, and sometimes discharge a small amount of dry excrement with blood and mucus . Cats will be restless, arch bent back, stiff limbs walk, touch sensitive body contact, and some accompanied by vomiting, and then want to abstain from eating.

Second, improve the cat's diet

Improve the cat's constipation symptoms, to help the cat smoothly defecation, first of all need to adjust the cat's diet, do not pull out the cat during the cat first do not simply eat hard and dry cat food, cats should be more to add cellulose and vitamins, for example, do some Apple puree, pumpkin and other fruits and vegetables to the cat food, help to help cat defecation. The choice of cat food should also pay attention to, some of the old high-fat cat food is not suitable for cat constipation when eating, you can choose rich in vitamins and cellulose fun cat food.

Third, conditioning stomach to promote peristalsis

Of course, a single diet change is not enough, but also need to further regulate the cat's stomach to promote bowel movements, cat owners can eat cats to the cat probiotics to regulate gastrointestinal, probiotics can promote cat intestinal peristalsis, help defecation, and increased Intestinal beneficial bacteria. Honey at home can be mixed with probiotic powder in honey and water for feeding, sweet cats love to drink, and honey also helps to help cats digest bowels.

Weekdays at home, the cat owner should pay attention to clean the home environment, do not exist too much paper and hair and other objects, so as to avoid cats eating lead to constipation.