How To Use Cat Litter More Health

- Jan 16, 2018 -

               Himalayan cats

If the cat does not have the habit of cat litter, it is recommended that the cat should be placed in a basin and pick up its small paws planing cat litter, the cat will understand, because the cat is born with stool Habit, there is a place for this convenience, cats will go to the cat litter place to defecate.

If cats and cats have always been in the cat litter on the toilet, suddenly gone, the most common reason is litter dirty, cats are a kind of special love clean animal, if the cat litter dirty, it will get paws On, you will not go to cat litter, and this time should be on the litter for cleaning. Clean up at least once a day

Like cats and cats, cats also lose their temper. If it is unhappy, it may urinate anywhere. This time suggest that the owner should be more concerned about cats, hug it more. This situation will improve.

Cat litter the cat litter basin not to be replaced, if you frequently change, it will lead to the cat can not remember, it is possible to pull down the outside, if the cat pulls out the outside, be sure to promptly clean up, because cats will be Smell the smell, if you clean is not clean, cats will pull down the last time the toilet.